Snack Ideas for Diabetics

I have been compensated by Glucerna for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. Talk with your health care provider about a diabetes management plan that’s right for you.#GlucernaHungerSmart #CollectiveBias

During my last pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, most likely due to my PCOS. I had to follow a diabetic diet and I became very familiar with snack ideas for diabetics because I had to eat all day long and quickly grew tired of rice cakes with peanut butter! It was hard to do but I felt FANTASTIC in my 3rd trimester (that’s when I was diagnosed and began following the diet) and my 4th child as my smallest (weighing in at 8 lb 14 oz- the others were well over 10 pounds!)

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My sweet “little” newborn Canaan

About a month ago, I began eating like this again in order to lose weight. Because I have PCOS and had gestational diabetes, I am at a higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. I’m hoping to stave this off by exercise and healthy eating habits, so I’m always looking for new recipes and snack ideas for diabetics.

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Last week in Wal-Mart, I found Glucerna® Hunger Smart™ Shakes while I was browsing the nutritional supplements aisle. After looking at the nutritional info, I knew they would make a great fit for a snack on the go. They came in both chocolate and vanilla, and being the chocolate lover that I am, I picked up a 6-pack of the shakes.

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The Glucerna® Hunger Smart™ Shakes feature CARBSTEADY®, carbs that digest slowly so that blood sugar doesn’t have irregular spikes. I don’t know how they do that, but it’s amazing! They contain 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of sugar (1 carb choice) plus 25 vitamins and minerals. Glucerna can help control your hunger throughout the day. (Be sure to use these shakes under medical supervision.)

I’d also love to share a few tips I learned on dealing with gestational diabetes.

1.) Look for your favorite go-to snacks and keep plenty of them at home

There’s no better way to go off-plan than to have a cabinet full of junk food and sugar-laden snacks. Keep plenty of fresh veggies, fruit, hummus, and supplements like Glucerna® Hunger Smart™ Shakes at the ready and you’re much more likely to stick with your plan.

2.) Keep food with you at all times

This tip definitely goes along with #1. When I had gestational diabetes, I always had food with me. You never know when a meeting or appointment goes longer than expected and your blood sugar can drop. Keep non-perishable items such as nuts and

3.) Reach out to your healthcare professional as needed.

I was definitely very new to the blood-sugar checking and meal-tracking lifestyle so I called my nurse A LOT during the transition period. They want to help you and know that for most people it’s a tough time. (Taking away sweets from a pregnant woman is not fun!)

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If you’re like me and always are looking for snack ideas for diabetics, I created this free printable to put on your fridge so when hunger strikes, you can glance at the list and get an idea. Or, take it with you to the grocery store so you can stock up on snacks. (Don’t forget to grab Glucerna® Hunger Smart™ Shakes while you’re there!) Click here to be taken to the full size-printable!

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If you have diabetes, what are your favorite snack ideas for diabetics? I’m always on the lookout for new ones! Check out Glucerna® Hunger Smart™ Shakes and click here for coupon for $3 off when you buy 2 packs!

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