Sometimes I Cry at Sonic

Last Thursday, I had a mom’s night out planned with a few friends. I handed the kids off to hubby around 5:30 after my girls’ gymnastics class so they could head to Bible study. I didn’t have to be at the restaurant until 8, so I swung by Sonic to get a drink before I went home to get ready. I ordered my favorite: diet green tea with blackberry. I had my window down and a man approached me. I assumed he was going to ask for money so I began digging in my purse. I needed to get my wallet anyway to pay for my drink.

Instead, he asked if I could jump his car off. Immediately, I got irritated. I called Ben and said, “This is not how I want to spend my time with no kids!” Yes, I can be very mature at times. I also called just to let him know what I was doing- you can never be too safe these days.

In the meantime, I realized I had left my wallet in the car Ben was driving and had less than $1 in change. Awesome. I pressed the button again to let them know I wouldn’t in fact, be getting my drink.

sometimes I cry at sonic

I pulled over to help the man jump off his car. Then, his pregnant wife got out of the car and helped him hold up the hood. I began to feel bad that I was irritated. I couldn’t get out of my truck to help because I was too close to the ordering menu. Their car started immediately and the man came up to my door and told me he wanted to buy my dinner. Immediately I teared up and tried not to show it. I told him that I had just come to order a drink but didn’t have my wallet. I didn’t want to take anything from them though- I wanted to punish myself for my bad attitude.

They insisted, though, and he handed me a $5 bill. They kept profusely offering their thanks. And they were just so NICE. I re-ordered my drink (the lady asked if I was the one that was just there, haha!) and began to pull off. Before I left I rolled down my window and told them that they made my day. It had been a rough, rough homeschooling day (PMS + taking extra hormones = an irritable mama) and that gesture of kindness was totally unexpected.

As I drove off, I felt God saying, “Sometimes I want to bless you in very unexpected ways.” Cue more tears.

So yes, sometimes I cry at Sonic. Tell me I’m not alone. Have you cried at a random place?

soft drink being poured into glass

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  1. I LOVE this. I have definitely been surprised at the ways God jumps into my daily, ordinary life to just be huge and be there and reveal my crappy attitude and his blessings. <3

  2. Sometimes I cry reading touching blog posts I can completely relate to…

  3. Erin Newcomb says:

    You are not alone. I am glad you saw what God was doing. Many people would have over looked his blessing. I also often find my car a place where the Holy collides with my struggles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. MarillaAnne says:

    All. The. Time. :-) :-)