Super Easy S’mores Pops

Last week, I signed up to bring snacks to our community group, and my daughter Evie and I decided we wanted to do something really fun for a treat. Since we had all the ingredients on-hand, we quickly decided that S’Mores pops would be fun- and tasty! I love s’mores in pretty much any shape, form or fashion.

super easy s'mores pops

I also loved how easy the s’mores pops were to make. Evie helped me do everything (not sure how I didn’t end up with a picture of her helping- that makes me sad!) and the whole process, including photographing, took less than 20 minutes.

First up, gather your ingredients. There are only 3- chocolate chips, large marshmallows, and graham crackers. You can use any type of chocolate chips for your s’mores pops- I used semi-sweet. Milk chocolate is way too sweet for me most of the time. Crush your graham crackers into crumbs.

s'mores pops ingredientsMelt the chocolate on 30 second intervals in the microwave, stirring between intervals. Put a lollipop stick in the marshmallows if you want, then swirl the marshmallows in the chocolate. While the chocolate is still wet, dip the pops into the graham cracker crumbs. Allow them to dry. I stuck mine in the fridge for a bit to hurry along the drying process. :)

s'mores pop closeup

That’s it! A fun treat to enjoy with your kids that doesn’t require a campfire! S’mores pops for the win!
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s'mores pops square


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  1. Oh wow, I love marshmallows, these could really be my downfall.

  2. I LOVE smores. Probably more than any grown woman should admit to, but there it is. These look way too easy and way too delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    I’m hosting a link party on my blog and would for you to stop by and link up with us!

  3. I’d probably eat more of these than I’d leave for sharing. 😉

  4. What a cute idea! Would be so simple to make too! thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty