the encouragement project- week 2

Happy Monday everyone! I’m excited about Week 2 of The Encouragement Project! What is this encouragement project, you ask? Fair question, with a very simple answer.


The last few weeks we have been exploring ways to encourage others. I am so excited to continue this series- I hope that you are able to find someone new to bless each week! I have been sending out cards to different people in my life each week and want to {encourage} you to do the same. If you don’t have time or money to do any of the other suggested ideas, a card and a postage stamp don’t take much of either- and who doesn’t love real mail?

the encouragement project spouses

If you missed the last few posts, here’s the intro and Part 1 was on encouraging our children.

Each Monday, I will challenge you {and myself!} to do something to encourage someone in our lives. I will give a suggestion each week, with a few ideas on how to encourage that particular person, but please feel free to bless whomever God has laid on your heart that week!

It can be something as elaborate as cooking a meal for a single mom, or as simple as sending a card to your first grade teacher to tell her how much she meant to you.

So let’s get started on this week’s project, okay?

This week, I want to focus on encouraging our spouses. If you don’t have a spouse, hang with me! I have ideas for you, too. I’ve been mulling over this verse:

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown,

but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.

Proverbs 12:4

Wow, does this verse speak to anyone else like it does me? As with our children, it is so easy to only focus on the negative with our spouses. I mean, we live with them, right?!?! We see every little thing they do that annoys us- but let’s make a point to love on them and encourage them this week!

{I don’t know about you, but I’m all for not being like decay in my man’s bones!}

Here are a few ideas to make them feel special this week:

{I am going to use the pronoun “him” for all these ideas since I believe 99.9% of my readers are female. If you are a male reading this, feel free to love on your wife a little extra this week!}

  • Fix his favorite meal as a surprise. Sure, we’re all tired at the end of the day. But think of how happy it will make him!
  • Rub his feet without his asking. *ouch* what was that? Was it someone stepping on my toes? My man is so good about rubbing my feet- and I need to reciprocate!
  • If he is away- military spouses, etc.- send him a loving card. It just might bring light into an otherwise very bad day.
  • Do a chore that he otherwise usually does. For example, my hubby always gathers the trash from the whole house to set out twice a week. Imagine his surprise if it were already done! {but now I’ve ruined the surprise, since he does read this blog!}
  • Read the Power of a Praying wife by Stormie Omartian. Then implement the prayers in it for your spouse! I was given this as a wedding gift and still occasionally refer to it 10 years later!

And for the single ladies out there- there are countless ways you can be preparing to be an encouraging spouse! Here are just a few:

    • Read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book is great at explaining how we all feel loved in different ways- and how to learn your future spouse’s love language you can love him in the best way possible!
    • Pray, pray, pray for him. I remember, shortly after being hurt in another relationship, crying out to God to bring me a godly man. And he did. I’m not saying it always happens like this, but I truly believe that God will bless those who earnestly seek out his face in the matter- whether blessing you with a godly husband or the ability to be content with singleness
    • Write him a letter letting him know you are praying for him, and for your future marriage. What a fun surprise to give him after you are married!

Originally posted September 14, 2011.


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  1. Angel Haynes says:

    I love that you are being intentional in encouraging people in your life, as well as encouraging all of us to do the same. Thanks!

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    I love this! LOVE it. I really needed this reminder, as I haven’t been very encouraging recently.

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