the one thing I hope my kids fight over when I die

This may sound a little crazy, because really, who wants their kids fighting over their possessions when they die? I’ve seen some nasty fights break out within families over money, or houses, or whatever.

BUT. There was one thing I really, really wanted when my grandma died in 2013. She had 6 kids, 17 grandkids and 17 great-grand kids and thankfully there was zero drama over her and my Papa’s possessions (he passed away only 11 weeks before her)– including the piece of the Berlin wall that was discovered in her curio cabinet!

one thing i hope my kids fight over die

I didn’t care about much else, but I really, REALLY wanted one of her Bibles. My grandma was always reading her Bible. She always had one beside her recliner in the living room, and one on her nightstand in her bedroom. It’s one of my most treasured memories of her.

I knew that it might not be possible to have one of her Bibles simply because there are so many of us, but I’m so thankful that I was able to receive one.

If a Bible was simply “home décor” for my grandma, gathering dust on a shelf, it wouldn’t mean so much to me. But since she lived in her Bible, and lived what it said, I feel so much closer to her having one of her Bibles in my home.

That’s what I want for my kids. I want them to live in the pages of the Bible that I read and study and mark up- to feel a closer connection to me and to our God because they saw me reading the Bible and living what it said. I want them to *know* that it was my most treasured possession.

So it may be crazy, but there’s only one thing I hope my kids fight over when I die. Or maybe I should just have several Bibles. 😉


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There's only one thing I hope my kids fight over when I die- here it is

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