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What $20 at Target Can Get You… First WIWW


{I am doing my WIWW on Friday. I’m such a rebel!}
{if you missed yesterday’s post, please read it}

A sweet friend of mine, Lindsy, (not to be confused with a sweet sister of mine, Lindsey), gave me a $20 Target gift card for my birthday last month. Can a girl get a better gift? 

This past weekend, I had a few minutes to run in while hubby sat in the car with sleeping kiddos. I was *supposed* to get lotion, but Target’s clothes are just too cute to resist (when I’m alone anyway!) that I ran through “really quickly”- in my opinion anyway!

I piled a few things on my arm that were around $15-$20 each, then hit the clearance section. Oh my. So glad I did. Think these three items are good for $20?

First up, this tank. Nothing too exciting but it was on sale for $5 from $8. Something comfy for the HOT summer we have coming!

This green dress. I had one very similar when I was pregnant with my third baby, and I lived in it! A simple dress when it was warm, and over leggings when it was cold. (Which come to think of it, was I ever cold when I was pregnant? Maybe not!)
Regular $24.99- on sale for $8
(I think it was supposed to have a belt, but still, for a savings of $17, I can use my own belt if I want!)
(I was going to crop this picture- I took it with the self-timer, but I thought the sky was so pretty in it!)
And my very favorite:
A little black dress (that fits like it was made for me) for $7.49!
Woohoo! It was regularly $29.99 so I was so happy to find it. 
Can’t wait for an occasion to wear it!
(Oh, and that’s my black damask wallpaper in the background. I LOVE damask print!)
So- tank $5
green dress $8
LBD- $7.49
Total: $20.49
With tax, I paid around $2 out of pocket.
I love clearance racks!
What good deals have you bought lately?
Oh, and check back next week for the exact opposite- 
when I paid way toooo much for clothes.
Why would I do this? Find out next week!

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