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When, Not If


There is a popular teaching in churches (I would presume mostly in America) that because we are Christians, we can expect the sweet life. A big house, with an equally big bank account. Great health. No problems with the people around us.

The teaching also says that if you don’t have all of the above, it is simply because you don’t have enough faith.

Tell that to the mama in Haiti who can’t feed her babies.
Tell that to the missionary in Sudan who is persecuted each day.
Tell that to the young girl in Cambodia who is being sold into the sex trade.
Tell that to the mama in America who just found out her baby won’t look like other babies.

Notice that in the verses in Isaiah above, God says 
WHEN you pass through the waters,
WHEN you pass through the rivers,
WHEN you walk through fire.

As much as I would like it to be, this world isn’t perfect. Because of the existence of sin in the world, things will not go perfectly. We’ll lose a job. We’ll have a sticky relationship with family members. Someone we love will get cancer.

I’m not saying all of this to depress you. I just want to share what the Bible really says about hardship in the life on a believer. And I also want to encourage that someone who may be reading and is going through a hard time. Maybe someone has told you that it’s because you don’t have enough faith. That just isn’t so. 

Jesus, whose faith surpassed all of ours, still had hardship while on earth. People made fun of him. He didn’t have his own house as an adult. And we all know how his life ended. 

The good news? Whatever we do go through in life, God knows every.single.step. And he is beside us for every.single.step.

And the even better news? This world isn’t the end!

Yes, if we are Christians we will have riches. In Heaven. 
We will have perfect health. In Heaven. 
We will have flawless relationships. In Heaven.

I’m excited for Heaven, aren’t you?

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