What you need to Kick Whole30 in the Tail!

I’m trucking along with my group (almost 80 of us!) on our Whole30 diet. We share Whole30 tips, recipes, encouragement, and it’s just fun doing it together! We’re on Day 13 and I am honestly feeling great. One of the hardest things for me on the Whole30 diet is not weighing after the first day until it’s over and I may or may not have cheated on that part yesterday. 😉

I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned along the way that make aWhole30 diet successful. I’m on my 3rd or 4th (I honestly can’t remember) and I think it gets a little easier each time because I’ve learned what works for us and what we like. You don’t have to have everything on this list but maybe there will be a few things you hadn’t thought of that will make your journey just a little easier. (Also, be sure to read my tips on Surviving the Whole30 diet here)

what you need to kick your whole30 in the tail!

1.) A food processor

I mentioned this in my original post about the Whole30 diet in 014, but I cannot stress how much I use this thing. Making nut butters, shredding cauliflower, grating carrots, blending soups to smoothness, I seriously use it every.single.day of Whole 30, sometimes 3-4 times a day. The KitchenAid ($99, find it here) is the only one I’ve had and it is amazing, but there are cheaper options out there. Here is one that’s super-highly rated on Amazon for just $30!

food processor

2.) Good spices

Since you’re not adding sugar or dairy to anything, having a good blend of spices at the ready is a good idea to keep flavor high and low. I buy fresh garlic and ginger already peeled because that saves precious minutes in the kitchen and it adds such powerful flavor. I also have a basil plant.

Dried spices I recommend: sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, crushed red pepper, nutmeg, corriander, cumin, Chinese 5 spice powder.

3.) Nuts

I probably over-do the nuts on Whole 30, but they’re just so delicious! I’ll sautee a few cashews or almonds in olive oil, salt, coriander for a delicious snack. I also make my on almond butter from roasted salted almond and it’s just delicious. (Recipe: put 1.5 cups almonds in a food processor and blend on low for 10 minutes or until desired consistency. Hard, right?)

4.) Good oils

Drop the canola for this diet and invest in good-quality oils like avocado and olive oil. Trader Joe’s and Aldi both offer oils at good prices. You can find avocado oil here on Amazon. (It’s been the hardest for me to find in the store, and I live in a huge metroplex.)

5.) Coconut aminos

The price of these are not pretty but if you’re used to Asian food I would say they are a must. You’ll use them in the place of soy sauce. (No soy allowed on Whole 30). You use minimal amounts, though, so it’s not like you’re burning through a bottle a week or anything. I didn’t buy them until this go around and I’ve been very happy that I did. You can also find it on Amazon here. I haven’t even looked for it in stores. 😉

6.) Ghee

OMGhee!!! So sorry for the terrible pun but this stuff is amazing. It’s clarified butter that is strained and the whey (dairy) removed and only the fat remaining. It is even more delicious than regular butter if that’s possible. You can make your on (here’s a how-to) or buy it speciality grocery stores or on Amazon here.

7.) An iron skillet

There’s nothing like an iron skillet to sear meats to perfect crispness. I also cook my fried eggs in here (using my aforementioned ghee or avocado oil) and sauté kale several times a day. It’s pretty much the only skillet I use these days. As a Pioneer Woman aficionado, she has a very decently-priced version at Wal-Mart. You can find it online here.

8.) Le Croix or other sparkling water

Especially if you’ve been a soda addict (like I reluctantly admit I as becoming) you’ll grow to love Le Croix. It’s sparkling water with just a hint of natural flavoring. Don’t expect it to be sweet- it’s not- but it does give me that bubbly feeling that soda does. There are also store brands that are cheaper- if you live in Texas HEB has a good one.

9.) Good olives/pickles

Sometimes you just need something salty and good and for us, olives fit the bill. Just be sure that they don’t contain non-compliant preservatives (find the list of preservatives you CAN have here). They’re also great for adding to chicken and beef dishes.

10.) Lemons/limes

This may sound strange, but I use these A LOT during the Whole30 Diet. Whether it is in recipes, making Paleo mayonnaise, to squeeze in water or liven up some toasted nuts, I find that keeping these around makes it just a *little* bit easier!

I would love to hear your tips! What keeps you sustained during the Whole30 diet? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hello. I am doing a Whole30 for the first time and am in the Houston area. I have found Avocado oil at Costco and Sam’s, if you have a membership. But I have also recently seen some at HEB, along with coconut aminos. I have seen it at Marshalls and Homegoods on occasion.

    • Kelli Hays says:

      Oh cool! Thanks for sharing. I have been unable to find coconut aminos in the store so I’ll have to check HEB. I’ve been ordering from VitaCost because they are cheaper than Amazon for those.
      Let me know if you have any questions about whole 30!