Essential Oils 101

Hi there! You’ve most likely found this page because you’re wondering, “hat is ALL the hype about essential oils? I, too, was one of those people until about a year ago. I bought the Young Living Essential Oils starter kit thinking, “At least my house will smell good!”

Little did I know, this decision would come to affect my family’s life in so many positive ways! The most recent positive is when my son Landon recovered from Flu A in just 2.5 days- and NO ONE else in my family got it. There are 7 of us living in a small house- and I truly believe it was the use of oils and other natural remedies that kept us well.

Our first good experience, though, began with an oil called Digize. My son (same one that had the flu) has frequent stomach aches. At least two or three times a week, he would come to me begging for Tums. I would give them to him but they didn’t do much. A friend of mine recommended trying Digize, and that’s one of the oils in the starter kit.

The next time he had a stomach ache, I put a few drops in a glass of water for Landon. The result? He gagged and sputtered! Ha! (It does taste pretty bad) But within 10 minutes, he was feeling better.  I decided to try gelatin capsules the next time he needed it, and sure enough, I just put a few drops of oil in the capsule and within minutes of taking it, he feels so much better. Now Landon says, don’t waste my with Tums, give me Digize! (A pretty smart 11 year old if you ask me! I’ve also noticed that his frequency of stomach aches is lessening- it’s more like once a week rather than 2-3. That could be coincidence, but maybe not!

young living essential oils

You might be thinking, “Why Young Living essential oils? They’re so much more expensive than what I can get at the drugstore!” And yes, they seem pricier. But they are also therapeutic grade, which means they are 100% oil and they work. The oils you pick up at CVS or wherever only have to have 5% oil in them to be called Essential oils- so you’re actually paying more, for something that may not work!

Essential oils can be used for SO many things- I’ll be exploring those on the blog in detail.