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Welcome to day 5 of 31 Days of Financial Savvy! I honestly cannot believe it’s October 5. Seriously, where has 2013 gone? Can’t say I’m sad to see it leave though- it’s been a hard year for our family!

grown your own herbs

Yes, the basil is tall enough for my daughter to hide behind!

Anyway, you notice the title didn’t say “grow your own food.” I can’t quite be a spokeswoman for that just yet since we did our first garden this summer. We harvested about 2 squash, 2 zucchini, 6 cantaloupes, and 300 banana and jalapeño peppers! So I guess I can vouch for the peppers. But other than that, we’re novices for sure.

But herbs- we can do those!

grown your own herbs

 If you buy herbs (next to the bagged salads) at the grocery store, they are usually around $4, and there is usually only enough for a meal or two. OR you can buy a plant  for about the same amount, and grow your own herbs! You’ll have fresh herbs for your cooking all summer long! (or, if you live in Texas, all year long!)

Just ask my friends, I send almost everyone home with fresh basil when they come to my house. I planted one plant 2 years ago, and because it didn’t really freeze here, it came back 2 years in a row. In abundance. It looks like a shrub in front of our house!

grow your own herbs

(We can grow cute kids here, too, apparently!)

And it’s so convenient to run out the front door and grab some fresh basil or rosemary (or out the back door, I have it in both places!) to prepare dinner. And there really is nothing like the taste of fresh herbs to make meals even more delicious, without any added calories or fat. And I call that a win!

Do you grow anything?

Has it turned out well?

Any advice for novices like us? :)

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  1. The basil plant looks awesome. I would love to try planting one in my yard. I too live in TX but we usually get several deep freezes in the winter.

    • Christy, it would probably die in the winter, but even if you have to replant each year it’s wonderful! My whole porch smells like basil. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Kelli!
    Your herbs look amazing! Fresh herbs are always the best.
    Linking up from Bloggy Moms October Blog Hop!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Have a great day :)
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

  3. We grow mint and cilantro because those are out most used herbs, the cilantro we’ve had for probably three years now, and it keeps growing! And the mint is part of a plant that my husband brought from his Dad’s house in tx, it’s strong stuff!

    • I have tried cilantro but sadly that just won’t grow for me. Any tips? :)
      Where in TX does your FIL live? I’m in TX too!

  4. Dee Lafrenz says:

    If you plant potatoes, lay down the tops of the plants and bury the tops just leaving a few leafs from each branch, and you will get potatoes from them also, not just the roots, they will become new root shoots. You can get tons of potatoes from one plant.

  5. Dee Lafrenz says:

    Corn, grows twice as big if you use fish emulsion on them.


  1. […] My rosemary plant in our backyard came to mind. It’s not near as proliferate as my basil plant- as in my kids can’t hide in it- but it still produces pretty well. I sent one of the kids […]

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  3. […]  Enjoy! My son asked if I could make it everyday- he loved it! (Minus the basil) Oh- and a note on basil- if ever use it for cooking and you have any space whatsoever in your yard, or even a container, buy a plant! I spent about $3 on a plant last year, and used it constantly. It still reproduces a few years later! (As a reference, if you buy a very small amount at the grocery store, it costs about $3 for a one-time use!) Then, it re-seeded itself into about 6 plants this year. It’s one plant Houston heat won’t kill! You can read more about growing your own herbs here! […]